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2024 Shenten Dargye Ling Calendar

This programme is subject to change without notice. Please check this website regularly for details and any changes for the seminar you are interested in.  

2019-KHENPO TSULTRIM-07 carré.jpg

January 3 - 7

Dzogchen Teaching Retreat

Drubdra Khenpo Tenzin Tsultrim

“The Boundless Great Vastness of the Great Perfection”. Text rediscovered by Tulku Senyen Zhigpo containing the complete Dzogchen cycle.

Onsite (Shenten) + Online (Zoom)


January 7 - 10

Traditional Tibetan New Year celebration

Shenten lamas

Practice of Sherab Djamma for Zhang Zhung Losar

Onsite (Shenten)


January 24 - 25

Tonpa Shenrab’s Birthday Celebration

Shenten lamas

Practice of the Limitless Aspirational Prayer to the Buddhas (Dersheg Monlam Thaye)

Onsite (Shenten)


Sundays from 14 January to 10 March (9 sessions) at 6pm

Dzogchen Ngondro Teaching Series

Khenpo Gelek


Online (Zoom)

Registration for online participation:

Dzogchen Ngondro Teaching Series

geshe lungrig-2019-1200square.jpg

March 14 - 17

Tsalung, Trulkhor and Tummo Practice Retreat

Geshe Lungrig

Onsite (Shenten) +  Online (Zoom)


March 31 - April 5

Dzogchen Meditation and Teaching Retreat

Khenchen Tenpa Yungdrung Rinpoche

The Golden Instructions of Drenpa Namkha

Onsite (Shenten) + Online (Zoom)


May 5 - 10

Dragpa Kor Sum (The Three Proclamations)

Ponlob Tsangpa Tenzin Rinpoché

Onsite (Shenten) + Online (Zoom)

Khenpo Gelek-2022.jpg

June 2 - 14

Shedra - Bon Philosophy School

(not open to the general public, only to previous participants)

Khenpo Gelek

Path and Stages based on the commentary by Nyamme Sherab Gyaltsen


June 16 - 21

Tibetan Calligraphy

Geshe Samten Tsukphu

Onsite (Shenten) + Online (Zoom)

June 27 - 30
teaching on the Mother Tantra Teaching

Lama Sangye

The Tantric view on the natural state, the shared base of Tantra and Dzogchen, from the Drol-Lam chapter of the Ma Gyüd


Online (Zoom)

Amchi Nyima.jpg

July 14 - 19 

Tibetan Massage retreat ( Kumnye)

Geshe Dennyi, Amchi Nyima

Onsite (Shenten) + Online (Zoom)


July 21 - August 9

Yetri Thasel: Chapter of explanations on the base

Khenchen Tenpa Yungdrung Rinpoche

Onsite (Shenten) + Online (Zoom)


August 25 - 30

Dzogchen Meditation Retreat

Khenchen Tenpa Yungdrung Rinpoche

Onsite (Shenten) + Online (Zoom)


from September 6 to 11

Mandala Painting workshop

Geshe Samten Tsukphu

In this first Mandala Workshop Geshe Samten Tsukphu will explain the structure and symbolism of Tibetan mandalas

Onsite (Shenten) + Online (Zoom)

medecine buddha carre.jpg

September 12 - 18

Ceremony and initiation of the Medicine Buddha

Khenchen Tenpa Yungdrung Rinpoche, Khenpo Gelek, Shenten lamas

  • September 6-11: Sand Mandala preparation + preparation of tormas and other things

  • September 12: start ceremony: 6 days Medicine Buddha practice

  • September 18 (7th day, full moon): initiation


Onsite (Shenten)

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