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Recommendations for living in Shenten Dargye Ling


The buildings include private and public areas.

  • Access to the private parts of the castle are only by invitation of members of the Congregation.

  • For legal reasons, the kitchen of the Pavillon is reserved for residents.

  • The bathrooms are accessible to campers and guests accommodated P1 and P2 rooms.

  • The Gompa (the big temple) and the small temple on the 1st floor are accessible at all times. Thank you for keeping silence and respecting these places, the lamas and the Teachers.

  • Local authorities allow us to establish a limited number of tents on our domain, on the condition that no fires can be lit, nor candles, nor incense, nor Camping Gas! Please note that the parking lot is not a camping place.

  • The properties surrounding the Center are agricultural areas: everything that grows is the fruit of the work of our neighbors and is theirs. So thank you for refraining from picking anything, even an apple that has fallen to the ground ...

Etiquette in the temple


  • This place of worship has a few Tibetan tradition rules: please strive to respect them.

  • Do not put your feet in the direction of the lamas or the shrine.

  • Remember to cover your legs.

  • Keep a respectful attitude, try to keep the schedule times, and stay as silent as possible.


Safety rules


  • It is quite forbidden to light a fire in and around buildings, including candles and incense. The rituals of offering light and smoke are the sole responsibility of the monks of the Congregation.

  • In case of fire, please carefully follow the instructions displayed on the walls and exit the buildings to the gathering point which is outside around the offering oven outside.

  • When you exit towards the road, carefully check that the way is clear on the curve before you drive on. If you go for a walk, do not walk on the center of the road, but in single file on the left side of the road: several accidents have taken place here.

Watch your children!

  • Shenten Dargye Ling is open to all. If you come with your family, you are at all times responsible for your children. We recommend that you do not leave them unattended: some places are dangerous (the pond, parking, etc.).


  • The water is safe for drinking and of good quality (checked regularly) at all taps of the buildings. However, some outside taps - indicated by signs - distribute undrinkable well water. The edge of the pond is not stable. Do not approach too close to the waterfront.

Tobacco, alcohol and drugs

  • There is no smoking on the site, both indoors and outdoors, with the exception of parking. Thank you for dropping your cigarette butts in the pots provided for this purpose.

  • We are in a wine region. It is difficult to ban drinking ... but no excess!

  • Any form of illicit drugs is obviously prohibited.

And for everyday life ...


  • You enter into a clean room, thank you for leaving it in good condition at your departure.

  • Linen and furnish are assigned to this room: do not leave them in the garden outside to avoid the introduction of fleas, chiggers and other pests.

  • For security reasons it is forbidden to use incense and candles.




  • Bins for all garbage are in the parking lot. Recyclables (some plastics, clean paper, cardboard, metals, packaging) are to be put - without plastic bag - in the yellow cover bin . When in doubt, throw them in the regular trash. Thank you.
    More details on this page


And finally ...

  • Do not stop your medical treatment.

  • Wasps are present in summer: so be careful in case of allergy.

  • After 22pm silence must be observed so that all retreatants can rest.

  • Avoid using showers and flushing between 22 pm and 6 am.

  • The doors are equipped with automatic door closers: remember to close them gently during hours of rest.

We wish you a pleasant stay!

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