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Teaching and practice of 'The Mother Tantra

Lama Sangye Mönlam

June 27 - 30

This part of Lama Sangye Monlam's comprehensive course of Ma Gyud teachings concerns the 34th Tigle of the Ma Gyud "sun of compassion" (Guru Nöntse's terma). This Tigle is contained in the chapter Drol-Lam, the "way of liberation".

Both Tharlam and Drol-Lam are often translated as "way of liberation", but note that the "Drol" of "Drol-Lam" is a more permanent kind of liberation than the "Thar" of "Tharlam", the subject of Lama Sangye's previous teachings. (One might say, if samsara is a jail, then "Thar" corresponds to a successful jail-break, while "Drol" corresponds to destroying the jail completely and permanently.)

The 34th Tigle of the Ma Gyud, the "true tigle," literally "truth's tigle: wisdom, unerringly clear," concerns the view of natural state. Introducing natural state by examples, trying to express in words that which cannot be expressed in words. Like introducing the moon by pointing at it with a finger (hoping that nobody confuses the finger with the moon). As usual, the individual words of the tigle "truth", "tigle", "wisdom", "unerring", and "clear" serve as section headings.

As in previous years, Lama Sangye will go through the text of Drol-lam (from Guru Nontse's terma "the Sun of Compassion") line by line, which is a precious opportunity to immerse ourselves in this fascinating text. We are planning to prepare an English translation of the chapters of the Ma Gyud text in the order that Lama Sangye teaches them. Lama Sangye teaches in Tibetanand will be interpreted into English and French.

Prerequisites: Lama Sangye Monlam's Ma Gyud teachings are suitable for beginners and new students as well as for advanced practitioners, including those who have already received Ma Gyud teachings. As most of us have experienced, with profound texts such as the Ma Gyud, one understands the same teachings on a new level upon every encounter with them, and always learns something new. New students are welcome to join. Having attended Lama Sangye's previous Ma Gyud teachings is is not a prerequisite.

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