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Mandala Painting (FULL, waiting list))

Geshe Samten Tsukphu

September 6 - 11

In this first Mandala Workshop Geshe Samten Tsukphu will explain the structure and symbolism of Tibetan mandalas in general and teach how to paint the Medicine Buddha mandala. As this workshop is organized parallel to the construction of the Medicine Buddha sand mandala, participants have an opportunity to follow also the creation of this sand mandala by the monks from Triten Norbutse Monastery.

In Bön and Buddhist traditions mandala is a representation of the universe, with different parts of the universe representing different aspects of enlightened qualities. The Tibetan word for mandala is kyil’khor, which means roughly ‘center (and) circle´. More specifically, kyil means ‘center without directions and sides, the Nature of all’ and khor means ‘all yidam deities are perfected in the Natural State’.

Symbolically mandala represents the celestial palace of a particular deity and his or her retinue associated with various enlightened qualities. Both the principal deity who resides in the center of the mandala, and the mandala itself represent pure expressions of a Buddha’s fully enlightened mind.

Painted mandalas are used as an aid to meditation and support for practitioners to develop enlightened qualities within oneself. They are drawn as square-shaped palaces with four gates, facing in the four cardinal directions, and inscribed within a circle. Mandalas are positioned with east facing down, south to the left, west above, and north to the right. The colours, lines and shapes of a mandala diagram all have a specific meaning.

Please note that the maximum number of participants in this workshop is 12 due to practical reasons. Specific instructions on painting materials, brushes and colours to be used in the workshop will be given upon registration.

For more information, please write to:

On-site Participation:

  • Registration Form:

To register for the Ceremony and Initiation of the Medicine Buddha from 12 to 18 September, you will need to do so separately on a form which will be available shortly.


Recordings and translations:

The teachings will be recorded. We will provide the link to download the recordings as soon as they are available.

The course language is English

We are looking forward to seeing you online and practicing with you.

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