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The Mother Tantra

Lama Sangye Monlam

June 24 - 27

The Mother Tantra’ is one of the main practices of our beloved founder Yongdzin Rinpoche.It is a key text in the Bon tradition and many of our core idea’s and practices are based on this tantra. Ma Gyud contains the six practices of ‘inner fire’, body offering, consciousness transference, dream yoga, sleep yoga, and intermediate state. Lama Sangye Monlam started to teach ‘The Mother Tantra’ for Shenten Dargye Ling in 2020, online. This is the second year of  the cycle and everyone is welcome.

Lama Sangye Monlam was a resident lama at Shenten before moving to Austria to become the head lama of the Austrian Bon center, Yeshe Sal Ling. Western students like to gather around him and enjoy his compassionate presence, simple manner, and yogic style of behaviour. Lama Sangye is a specialist in the tantric teachings, rituals, and ceremonies of Ma Gyud, the Mother Tantra.


of the retreat: (referring to Paris time)

  • 08.00 - 09.30: Sangchöd and meditation with Shenten's lamas

  • 15.00 - 17.00: Teachings by lama Sangye Monlam

  • 20.00 - 21.15: Meditation followed by chöd practice with Shenten's lama

The teaching will be in Tibetan, translated by Sophie Frisch in English. From English, the usual translations will be available.

To register

for the retreat, click on this link:

Contribution for the teachings:

The participation's fee (offering) is 40 EUR. We think that such a contribution is affordable for most of the people and necessary to appreciate the teachings, maintain Shenten and repay our masters' generosity. However, we are aware that there might be some sincere and dedicated practitioners with financial difficulties who wish to participate and cannot afford it. If this is your case, please write to us at - and put the name of the retreat in the subject.

If you cannot participate in the LIVE sessions, you can watch the recordings (in English) later.  They will be available as soon as possible, often the same day in the evening, or in the following days.

How to pay:

ZOOM does not allow any other payment option than through PayPal. We rely on the automatic registration process because other ways require much more work. To those who do not want to or cannot pay through PayPal for any reason (but it is very easy to create an account there) we suggest you use a friend’s account (but please put your own email address, to get the link for streaming). In some countries, Paypal does offer a simple bank card payment without creating an account (you will be given the option when you proceed to the payment). If you cannot follow the suggested options and still want to take part, we will register you manually upon your payment through the bank transfer. Please, write to and we will guide you.

Dear friends, we look forward to meeting you soon!

Shenten's team

On-site Participation:

For organisational reasons, we will only welcome a limited number of people to this retreat (40 participants).

You can register to come to Shenten for this retreat  here : Registrations will be made in order of receipt.  Please only register for this retreat if you are sure you can attend. If for any reason you have to cancel, please let us know as soon as possible so that other people have a chance to come.

Shenten Dargye Ling’s Covid instructions

Our aim is to provide a secure environment and the best possible conditions for health safety whether you have been vaccinated or not.

On the basis of our first onsite retreat in April 2022 and the pandemic still very high in many countries, it has been necessary to adopt enhanced health precautions and COVID-19 instructions at Shenten to minimize the health risks during our onsite retreats. The number of participants in retreats is limited to 40 people.

Health safety is responsibility of one and all, and we invite you to observe the following COVID-19 instructions and to respect protective health precautions at all times. With your help and understanding, the safety will be ensured, and you can fully enjoy the retreat.

Requirements prior to arrival and accommodation at Shenten

  • A proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test within 48 hours before your arrival at Shenten.

  • A negative COVID-19 antigen test taken on the day you arrive at Shenten.

You can take the test before you leave home and bring proof of the negative result with you – as a proof the confirmation email/text from the test provider is required. Alternatively, you can bring with you an antigen home test and take the test on your arrival at Shenten – the result is ready in 15 minutes.

Accommodation at Shenten will be provided only after showing the proof of the negative antigen test result. Please arrive no later than 10pm (22).

  • A mandatory travel insurance if you are not entitled to French or EU health insurance.

Please also read our more detailed  COVID-19 instructions with more detailed instructions  during the retreat

Feel free to contact us if you have any queries, by email

General informations

Please read carefully the page on our website concerning general information on retreats: Concerning the prices of this retreat, we ask you to read carefully the page concerning the practical information: For all information concerning this retreat, please contact Christophe : For questions concerning the online pension it is always :

Example of how to calculate the pension amount

Simulation : You are in rate 2, you wish to take all the meals and be accommodated in a twin room if you arrive on Saturday afternoon and leave the following Friday.

The calculation will be as follows

  • 6 days of teaching (morning and afternoon) 6X30€ = 180€

that is 180 € to be paid to the congregation

  • the annual fee (if you have not already paid it): 33 €.

  • Accommodation in a room with 2 beds : 6X18€ = 108€.

  • full-board meals: from Saturday evening to Friday lunchtime included) 6X19€= 114€

that is  255 € to be paid to the association

So a total for the week of 435€.

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