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The "Shedra" started

From July 3 the "Shedra", a ten days course on Bonpo philosophy and dialectical debates started. Around 40 people participating thiis year in the 5 year program.

The fisrt year took place in 2019 at Shenten, the second year was online, as a kind of repetition and refreshment.

This year, the course is still online but proceeding. It contains teachings by Khenpo Gelek, training of the participants in the art of philosophical debates and reading doctrinal Tibetan texts with prof. Charles Ramble.

The retreat includes also the morning and evening practices. In the evening, participants join the Long Life Practice led by Shenten lamas which our sangha started to perform together on July 4, in order to support Yongdzin Rinpoche´s recovery.

Around 170 came to the session, with Yongdzin Rinpoche in their hearts.


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