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On 20 June, Shenten Dargye Ling welcomed local visitors

Yesterday, June 20, Shenten Dargye Ling welcomed representatives of local authorities and all people from the neighborhood who wished to visit the centre for a feast, the first one after the pandemic started.

More than 100 people came and more were interested but could not due to restrictions still in place. "Everyone was very happy, even if we had some rain, at some point. We were honored to have very knowledgable guests from the townhall of Saumur who said us interesting things about the history of this place," says Khenpo Gelek. "Many people asked to repeat the event in September, but this is not possible because we start our in-depth meditation program right at the beginning of the month. Next year, though, we are going to have more of these celebrations," Khenpo Gelek said.

Huguette tells us about the day:

Everything went very well despite the storm and rain that arrived around 3:30 pm, the visitors, about 150 in number (estimated by the Saumur town hall) were enthusiastic.

Catherine and Louisane from the Saumur town hall guided the outside tours telling the history of the château de la Modetais, the dovecote, the little chapel..... (they also sent us the documents which are the result of their research helped by Anna and which you can consult at the secretariat if you are interested)

Then the groups were received by a lama for the interior visit, temple, library ..... and presentation of the Shenten Dargye Ling Congregation.

Geshe Samten had prepared texts on: our Root Master Yongdzin Rinpoche, the prayer flags, the stupas, the temple, the statutes in the temple .... in order to be able to answer the visitors' questions.

Christophe had redone the presentation leaflet which we were able to distribute to everyone.

Around 5:30 pm there was a small meditation in the temple, limited to 30 people because initially it was planned outside in front of the Stupa, and was to be followed by "the dance of Yeshe Walmo" carried out by Geshe Lungrig and which because of the weather could not take place.

Catherine from the "Ville d'Art et d'Histoire" department of the Saumur Town Hall intends to do it again next year.

15 volunteers were present to ensure the smooth running of this day


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