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New articles in the Speech of delight

Jitka just published an interview with Amchi Nyima Gurung, a doctor of the traditional Tibetan medicine who many of you know from Shenten. You can read it on this link:

Before that, Jitka posted an interview with Sara Bertok and Wolfgang Reutter about shedra, a course on Bon philosophy and arts of debating.

You can read it here :

Next pieces coming :

  • an interview with Paolo Roberti di Sarsina, the founder of Rime association in Italy who promotes Yungdrung Bon there

  • an interview with Geshe Lungrik about thrul khor

  • an interview with Christine and Norbert who manage Yungdrung Bon Stiftung and organize teachings of Khenpo Tenpa Yundrung Rinpoche in Germany

  • an interview with Colin Millard about healing rituals that he observed in Dorpatan, Mustang

  • an interview with Corinne Troussier about her learning how to be a translator of the dharmic texts...

  • and some more texts about the THIS, the school for the Himalayan children in Siliguri


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