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Key instructions by Khenpo Gelek Jinpa

Many of you probably attended DailyGelek, later called as DailyShenten, the regular online teachings given by Khenpo Gelek, later jointly with other lamas from Shenten. If so, you probably know what Khenpo Gelek Jinpa means by joyful effort... We decided to collect some of his key instructions he repeatedly shared with his students during those encounters and create a garland of DailyGelek´s pearls for Speech of Delight. Here is the part 1 - about joyful effort. May it serve as your daily reminders.

I think I will publish them once a month or so, besides other content.

It would be good to do transcripts of those teaching, especially the first part which delt with preliminary practices, so called ngondro.

If there is somebody who would like to undertake such a work, maybe creating a team for it, let me know. I had an idea to create a booklet of daily reminders based on it but I have not found the time to do it and I will continue not having it, I am afraid.

I wish you a wonderful day / evening.

Hugs from Jitka


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