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Dear Sangha members,


We are delighted to announce the start of the Fourth Gomdra Program on September 4, 2025.


Our beloved master and living Buddha, Yongdzin Rinpoche established the traditional four-year meditation school, Gomdra, at Shenten Dargye Ling in 2009 to give western practitioners the opportunity to deepen their practice and learn meditation and philosophy in the same systematic way the monks do at the main Bön monasteries. The 70-day Gomdra retreat focuses each year solely on teaching and intensive practice. The first four-year Gomdra program started in September 2009 and the teaching and practice was based on the Atri Dzogchen Cycle. The second Gomdra started in September 2014 and the teaching and practice was based on the Zhang Zhung Nyen Gyud and its commentary called Gyalwa Chagrti. The third Gomdra started in September 2019 and the teaching and practice was based on Drakpa Korsum and its extensive commentary called Yangtse Longchen.


The main four dzoghcen cycles of Yungdrung Bön will be completed by this forthcoming fourth Gomdra, which is based on the teaching and practice of the Yetri Thasel Dzogchen Cycle and its commentary called Namkha Truldzo (the Treasure of Space) and the preliminary teaching, Ngöndro, called Drangdon Munsel Dronma (the Lamp Dispelling the Darkness of Ignorance).


The Fourth Gomdra Program

The full duration of the Gomdra Program will last for four years and each year the participants will do 70-days of intensive practice at Shenten Dargye Ling. The daily program consists of four practice sessions, one hour teaching and the practice of the four generosities: Sangchö, Chutor, Surchö and Chö.

 The first year starting on September 4, 2025, will focus on the preliminary practice with nine accumulations according to the text Drangdon Munsel Dronma (the Lamp Dispelling the Darkness of Ignorance). The practice includes the experience of the realization of the Natural State instructed in a tradition way by searching of mind, Semtsol, and fixation of mind, Semdzin.


The second year focuses on the trekchö (cutting through) dzogchen practice to attain the realization of the Natural State in the state of Rigpa without any doubt or unclarity.


The third year focuses on tummo practice to generate inner heat in the body by using the mind, breathing, movement, and visualization. Tummo is the main practice for opening the wisdom channel and transforming the ordinary state of mind into the pure state.


The fourth year focuses on thögal practice which completes the dzogchen cycle of Yetri Thasel.


 Discipline of the Gomdra


The participants of the Gomdra Program are encouraged and expected to commit themselves to undergo the complete training for four years. All the participants shall commit to stay all the 70 days within the retreat premises surrounded by a protective boundary. All kind of communication to outside world including phone calls, emails, etc. are restricted to one weekly free day. Each member of the group is expected to participate in each collective gathering: accumulations, teaching, prayers, meditation sessions and the practices of the four generosities.


How to apply and register


The number of the participants is restricted, and everybody interested to participate is encouraged to submit his/her application with a motivation letter addressed to Khenchen Tenpa Yungdrung Rinpoche.


The letter should also include your personal information: name, age home address, mobile phone number and email address.


The letter should be sent by email to the Secretary of the Congregation by December 1, 2024:


The Secretary will deliver the emails to Khenchen Rinpoche.


All those, who will be admitted participating the Gomdra, will receive the registration link and detailed information about the participation fee, accommodation, and other practicalities in due course.


Health and medical release


Participants are expected to be in good health physically and mentally. However, everyone is requested to bring his/her necessary medicine, supplements, clothes, and fill in and sign a medical release form.


More details about the health and logistics will be available by contacting by email the Secretary of the Congregation.




We welcome every practitioner, who feels genuinely inspired by the program and ready to abide the conditions and commitments, to submit his/her application by December 1, 2024.


With all our best wishes,


The Congregation Shenten Dargye Ling


  Congrégation Shenten Dargye Ling

Château de la Modtais, 1861 route de Longué, 49160 BLOU

Tél : 02 41 59 49 56 / 06 41 20 98 43


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