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Ashag Geshe Lungrig Namdag is a resident lama who serves as a guest-master of the Congregation of Shenten Dargye Ling. He is also active in the regular meditation teaching on Saturdays which Shenten offers to inhabitants of neighbouring towns and villages. Geshe la, who lived in the United Kingdom before coming to Shenten, also teaches Tibetan yoga (Trul Khor) at Shenten Dargye Ling, and he travels to give teachings.


Geshe Lungrig comes from the “Ashag” clan, which is a very ancient lineage with a long history.This clan existed already in the time of Buddha Tonpa Shenrab. "Ashag" means the same as Shag rig "clan". Buddha Tonpa Shenrab’s biography "Dodu" mentions a prince from the Shag-rig lineage. His name was Shag-rig Tsugtor Namgyal and he invited Buddha Tönpa Shenrab to consecrate a big temple in the capital city of his father’s kingdom, located north-east of Olmo Lungring. The prince had also requested the teachings of the "Nine ways of Bön". The Buddha came, blessed the temple and gave the teachings.

During the centuries up to until now, Geshe Lungrig’s Ashag clan has kept the precious teachings of this lineage unbroken. Many masters from Buddhist schools also belong to this Ashag lineage, especially the famous Bönpo Dzogchen master Gangru Ponlop or Tshultrim Gyalshan. His mother also was from Ashag lineage. The first teachings Geshe Lungrig received from his root master Yongzin Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche were the precious "Nine ways of Bön”.

Ashag Geshe Lungrig Namdag

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