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The Great Mantra of the Conquerer

Ponlop Tsangpa Tenzin Rinpoché

Weekend of 20-21 May in Paris

Teaching in Paris

On our spiritual journey we encounter both inner and outer hindrances such as negative emotions, negative karma, energy blockages and illnesses. In order to progress on the path, we have to eliminate these hindrances. For that purpose, first we have to acknowledge that we carry the seeds of these negativities in ourselves, and then we have to engage in confession-purification practice.


During this weekend Pönlob Rinpoche will teach the practice of confession-purification from the text called the Great Mantra of the Conquerer (Namgyal Zungchen). Originally this teaching was transmitted by Buddha Tonpa Shenrab at the request of Nyancam Öma Sal, the spiritual partner of Kongtse Trülgyal, when they encountered serious obstacles to their project to build an undersees temple. In response to the request Tonpa Shenrab manifested as the deity Nampar Gyalwa and transmitted the hundred syllable mantra.


With his lucid explanation and practical approach Pönlob Rinpoche will help us find the way to uproot deep-seated negative emotions, patterns and karma. Hearing the origin story of this practice will inspire our practice. 

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