Shenten Dargye Ling
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Requesting pujas, prayers and ceremonies at Shenten Dargye Ling

Keeping a long-preserved Tibetan tradition, Shenten Dargye Ling offers to its sangha members different religious services, including the possibility to request pujas, prayers and ceremonies, to be performed by our Geshes and Lamas upon request.


Traditionally, these rituals based on Bonpo ritual cycles are performed for the deceased, for the health of the living, for blessings during times of trouble, for removing obstacles and fulfilling wishes, for ritual purifications or for other personal reasons, including individual or family life events. A person, a family or a community normally sponsors the performance of these rituals.

In Shenten, requests can be made for specific Bon prayer ceremonies or ancient rituals to be performed for the benefit of other person(s), living or deceased. In general terms, all of them are important for the accumulation of merits.

They can be request for one self or for a friend or a family member.

In both Tibetan Buddhist and Bon tradition, traditionally people make offerings for requesting prayers and pujas. Some pujas involved expenses that are covered by the person requesting the puja, including the costs of the materials used for the rituals, as well as the food and an offering for the performing lamas.

The main pujas and ceremonies are as follows:

  1. Long life ritual

  2. Soul retrieval practice with long life ritual: For the retrieval of the soul. Specially indicated for healing one's vital energy and to help persons with long lasting sicknesses, or who are faced with a sudden dangerous situation.

  3. 100 Ganapuja offering for Jamma: For any purposes, for accumulation of merits, for protecting or removing obstacles or fears, for promoting fertility

  4. 100 Ganapuja offering of Sipdai Gyalmo/ Yeshe Walmo: For protection or healing purposes, in cases of facing sudden obstacles, to obtain a successful business and to ensure a safe journey.

  5. Healing ritual of negative energies: For healing of negative energies and obstacle energies, particularly those caused by negative spirits.

  6. Red Garuda Ganapuja: For healing purposes, particularly in cases of infectious diseases. For overcoming any other problems or sicknesses that might be caused by nagas or any other of the eight classes of spirits. It is also performed for obtaining good harvest and to prevent natural disasters, for example as a protection from storms.

  7. The fourfold mandala offering ritual of Jamma: Mainly performed for the accumulation of merits, particularly in cases of long lasting sicknesses, to bring more auspicious conditions within the family and friends, a country, etc. It is also performed in order for a couple to have a child and for having good success in business, or negotiations, or settling some business, etc.

  8. Protection and Obstacle removing ritual of Jamma: The ritual consists of a Ganapuja performed during the first day and a ritual the second day. 100 pujas are offered for Jamma, with the purpose of removing very strong obstacles related to health or external obstacles, and for removing obstacles caused by curses, black magic, etc. It is also requested for obtaining a purification of the negative energies and emotions.

  9. Prosperity ritual: to bring prosperity, good energy, good business and anything related to prosperity.


Other rituals that can be requested include:

Divinations: if in the divination certain obstacles are seen, then specific rituals are requested.

In order to ask for divination you need to have some reason. But you can also request a general family divination, even if there is no particular problem.

You can also request a life astrological chart, and other astrological charts. Traditionally people must make certain offering, according to their wish. Make sure you give certain offering to ask for divination. This is to make connection.

Rituals and prayers for the deceased: Please provide the name of the person. Prayer requests are customarily accompanied by an offering. Donations of any size are welcomed.

If you need assistance deciding which puja to request, and the suggested minimum donations to cover the costs involved in the pujas, please contact the resident lamas and explain the circumstance.

To request and sponsor an offering, please contact the resident lamas.